We didn’t do a post on it, but we did see a screenshot from a Facebook from an Ottawa woman who was concerned that all of the honking was making her cat stress poop outside the litterbox. We’ve already seen the mainstream media story on how the Freedom Convoy is harming children (children sleeping in trucks!), so there was nowhere else to go but animals.

You might be getting the idea by now that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has it in for the truckers.

CBC reports:

Dr. Kelly Butler, who owns a veterinarian clinic near the protest, says her regular clients are nervous about visiting her practice, especially visible minorities.

“They’re worried about leaving their homes with their pets to even just come to routine care,” she said.

“And I hope that there aren’t too many pets [at the protest],” she said. “Because they’re also, similarly, terrified, but they’re that much closer to the source of the noise and strangers.”

So are we past the “truckers are racist” stage or is this just supplementary?

And minorities especially are afraid to go downtown because the media (and Trudeau) have told them that all the truckers are white supremacists. These truckers were heroes a year ago for delivering supplies during the pandemic.


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