This week Twitchy did a post on Oklahoma Rep. Jacob Rosecrants, who’s a member of Pastors for Oklahoma Kids, “a nondenominational coalition of pastors from across Oklahoma that advocate for local public school teachers, staff and children.” He was tweeting to say that he and a Democrat former teacher were teaming up “to beat down vouchers” at the capitol.

Now we have Pastors for Texas Children, which “mobilizes the faith community to support our neighborhood and community schools,” warning that right-wing Republicans are attacking public school teachers, lying about them, and calling them pornographers — likely because they’re trying to remove the graphic novel “Gender Queer,” which features graphic illustrations of oral sex, from schools.

“Our dedicated, godly teachers” who are “busy saving kids’ lives”? Maybe dial it back a notch?

Does every state have one of these “Pastors for Children” groups that want to “beat down vouchers” and keep kids trapped in failing public schools?



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