Wow, Jeff Zucker’s got to be kicking himself that he resigned from CNN right as it was gearing up to launch its paid subscription service, CNN+. As Twitchy reported, CNN has already given a show to Twitter troll and content thief Rex Chapman, and now we’re hearing that Jemele Hill is also getting a show. As Joe Concha points out, Hill said Glenn Youngkin won the gubernatorial race in Virginia because “this country simply loves white supremacy.” We imagine Hill’s show will make Joy Reid’s sound tame.

She’s also been sorry to find “that many black men just want better access to patriarchy” and noted on January 6 that the Capitol Police “see black people as a threat that needs to be eliminated.”

CNN+ is going to offer you Jake Tapper’s book club, a talk show hosted by Don Lemon, Chapman doing something, and now Hill.


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