On Tuesday, we did a post on columnist Damon Linker, who seemed frustrated that the Right was going to dunk on Democrats whether they kept coronavirus restrictions in place or lifted them. If they lifted them now, he noted, conservatives would just claim they were right all along and the internal polling must be terrible. And he was right.

Now, Dr. Leana Wen, former president of Planned Parenthood and current CNN medical analyst, is weighing in. Just the other day she explained why it was OK to drop mask mandates in school, because “the science has changed.” (She’d also recently admitted that the cloth masks the kids were wearing for two years were “little more than facial decoration.”) Now she has a column in the Washington Post explaining that 180-degree pivot, saying there’s now a third camp of people:

Of course, that group wants to move from vitriol to nuance and compromise because they realize they’ve been wrong all this time and don’t want to bear any responsibility for it.

We were assured the science was settled, but now the science has changed within the past two weeks.


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