Here’s another tweet from candidate Joe Biden that we can file with the “I’m going to shut down the virus” one:

That plan is dead, and it was first lady Dr. Jill Biden who got to put the final nail in the coffin.

The Hill reports:

Two years of free community college to all eligible students was part of Biden’s Build Back Better agenda and a signature initiative for the first lady, who is a longtime community college professor.

Her announcement on Monday at the 2022 Community College National Legislative Summit delivers a major blow to community colleges, which originally were expected to receive $45.5 billion from Build Back Better to waive two years of tuition for students. That funding was intended to last for five years and then would decrease by 5 percent every year after that.

Yeah, it was going to decrease, just like everything else in the Build Back Better plan that we were assured would cost nothing.

From what we’ve seen in the replies to every tweet from Joe Biden, his voters really want those student loans forgiven, like, yesterday.


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