Wow, here’s a letter from the school board of the Ripon Unified School District in California. They’d really like parents to send their kids to school in masks so they don’t have to resort to these measures, but if their hand is forced, they have a number of options. They can formally exclude your children from campus for posing “a clear and present danger” to students and staff; they can call Child Protective Services to remove your kids from campus as you’ve “abandoned” them there without a mask to gain entry; they can kick your child out of school; or, they can file a restraining order in County Superior Court.

Oh, it’s not official district correspondence, it’s just general legal guidance that was prepared for the school district. It sure reads like a letter to parents, as it addresses “you” and “your students.”

And this makes the rounds just as “the science has changed” around masking in schools.


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