The writers at the Washington Post, like so many liberals, are still hung up on Glenn Youngkin’s defeat of Terry McAuliffe last fall. Exit polls said that economics issues were on the top of most people’s minds, but the Left caught a glimpse of parents becoming activists in their children’s education: parents didn’t want critical race theory influencing the way their children were treated, and yes, they had some concerns about the schools’ policies on transgenderism (translated by WaPo into “attacks on transgender people”).

Jeff Stein of the Washington Post has shared an article about changes to the leadership of the conservative Heritage Foundation, claiming that Heritage is realigning its mission to reflect the “red meat” of the Republican Party: “critical race theory” (in scare quotes for some reason), attacks on transgender people, and schools.

We’re still wondering why Stein put “critical race theory” in quotation marks; is that to indicate that it’s not a real thing?


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