In her tweet about the Joe Rogan controversy, Meghan McCain mentions Jim Acosta’s primetime show on CNN, “Democracy in Peril,” which drew an average of 561,000 viewers over its first three episodes.

McCain didn’t tag CNN or Acosta, and it took him a few days, but Ed Meagher, CNN’s director of weekend programming, found McCain’s tweet and proved even further that CNN has a serious self-awareness problem. Does Meagher want us to pull up CNN’s weekend numbers versus Fox News?

Rogan used the N-word; CNN employed pedophiles, helped coach Andrew Cuomo through a sexual harassment scandal, had on white nationalist Richard Spencer as a guest, kept on a guy who masturbated on a Zoom call, and on and on.

Of course, Acosta had to weigh in too; there’s no way his ego wouldn’t let him ignore it.

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And it continues:


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