CNN is definitely hard up for talent to fill up its paid streaming service, CNN+. CNN announced in January that it had hired Twitter troll Rex Chapman for a weekly show, and now it’s apparently tapping Don Lemon to host a weekly talk show in front of a live studio audience.

In case that’s too small to see, “Don Lemon Tonight” is currently ranked 49th among cable news shows. Even Jim Acosta’s “Democracy in Peril” drew more viewers last week.

Do they think all of Rex Chapman’s Twitter followers are going to pay to subscribe for a weekly show? They’re in for a surprise.

We checked the website, but you have to give them your email address to find out how much it costs per month. We did learn this: “At the launch of CNN+, the CNNgo brand will sunset for users on desktop, mobile and several streaming platforms and devices, and the functionality of accessing CNN TV content will be fully integrated within CNN’s app.” There was such a thing as CNNgo?

CNN is really serious about this new streaming service. Jake Tapper’s even going to host a book club.


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