We think what the Washington Post to say is that the same hysterical overreaction to there being “misinformation” on Facebook — remember CNN cornering an elderly woman in her driveway after she shared a post? — is now being used to pressure Spotify to do something about Joe Rogan, who’s apparently killing people with COVID misinformation. Facebook took a few half-hearted steps and teamed up with some professional “fact-checkers,” but what is Spotify going to do now that it’s in the media’s crosshairs?

What public debate about how misinformation spreads? “Public,” meaning the clowns in the mainstream media and some censorship-happy leftists.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid called critical race theory, which doesn’t exist, the right wing’s latest “bogeyman,” so we’re perfectly content to call the mainstream media’s hysteria over misinformation the left wing’s latest bogeyman. And speaking of Joy Reid, how is it that MSNBC is never, ever fact-checked or accused of spreading misinformation? CNN hall monitor Brian Stelter only watches Fox.


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