This report comes from the New York Post, which says Rachel Maddow is expected to announce on her show Monday night that’s she’s going on hiatus to focus on podcast and film projects, including a movie directed by Ben Stiller. This is legitimately bad news, a Maddow’s show is the only one on MSNBC that can even be considered competition to Fox News’ primetime lineup.

The Post reports:

Rachel Maddow reportedly will go on hiatus from her primetime talk show on MSNBC to focus on movie and podcast projects, including a film directed by Ben Stiller.

Maddow told staffers at the left-leaning, Comcast-owned network that she will step aside for a few weeks to devote time to her side projects, Business Insider reported on Monday.

Maddow will executive produce a Focus Features movie based on her book and podcast, “Bag Man,” about a political bribery scandal.

Maddow gets paid $30 million a year to stay at MSNBC.

We honestly didn’t know she had a podcast or a book.

Ben Stiller actually gave Janeane Garafalo her start back when he had his own TV show — and when she was still funny.


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