As Twitchy reported Friday, a bridge just a few miles away from where President Joe Biden was to tout the infrastructure bill in Pittsburgh collapsed just ahead of Biden’s visit. Blue-checks on Twitter were angrier at Sen. Pat Toomey, who voted against the infrastructure bill, than they were at Gov. Tom Wolf. Pittsburgh says it fixed this particular problem in 2019 and the bridge passed inspection in 2021, although a viral tweet from 2018 showed one of the big “X” beams rusted through entirely.

Wolf joined in on shaming all of the Republicans who voted against the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

A lot of people have been tweeting in response this piece saying the bridge was not targeted for repairs under the infrastructure bill anyway:

A lot of Pennsylvanians are wondering where all the money from gas taxes and toll roads went.

This editor will never tire of that GIF.

Where did all the money collected from toll roads and gas taxes go?


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