As people like Glenn Youngkin are sworn in, the Left is in a tizzy about critical race theory not being taught in schools. People like MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace and Joy Reid maintain that not only is CRT not being taught in schools … it “isn’t real.” So why would progressives be so upset over a ban of something that doesn’t exist?

Jared Yates Sexton has the answer: the wealthy are weaponizing history to clear the way for the privatization of education. That’s where the whole CRT scare is headed, aided by propaganda arms like Fox News. A whole lot of his followers are responding, “Truth.” See what you think.

“Radicalizing people to take over local governments.” What kind of people, and what kind of governments, exactly?

Oh no, he said it again! People running for public office! How dare they?

You’ve already had the attorney general of the United States issue a memo to the FBI about using the Patriot Act to prosecute “domestic terrorists” who threaten school boards. What else do you want?

He looks suitably angry in his profile pic … good choice.

Isn’t it possible that people who were forced to sit through “anti-racist” struggle sessions at work saw that the same thing was being done to their kids in school and wanted to put a stop to it?


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