This open letter only has around 150 signatories, so it must be different from the one that had 270 “doctors” calling for Spotify to censor Joe Rogan’s podcast. It turns out most of those 270 doctors weren’t medical doctors anyway. This time it’s allegedly scientists, doctors, and health care professionals who are calling Rogan “extraordinarily dangerous.”

The Independent reports:

One said it was the vast size of his audience that made him so dangerous. Another suggested it was the fact the average age of his listeners was just 24, and hence particularly persuadable.

Another expert said he appeared to have a cult of personality. One said he had repeatedly spread misinformation about Covid, and ignored calls to stop.

These were among just some of the accusations levelled at Joe Rogan, podcaster, influencer and sometime actor, from more than 150 scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals who have said the 54-year-old was “extraordinarily dangerous”.

“The signatories to the letter ranged across disciplines and included a number of psychologists worried about the influence Rogan appears to hold over his audience,” it continues.

We quickly scrolled down the list of experts but stopped when we reached, “Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.”

We only listen to Anthony Fauci, who told us not to wear masks, then to wear a mask, then to wear two or even three masks, and then back to one mask before they decided cloth masks didn’t work and you needed N95 masks.


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