As Twitchy reported earlier, Benjamin Wittes — the guy who used to tweet “BOOM” and a video of a tiny cannon anytime the walls were closing in on the Russian collusion story — said Tuesday that it had become a talking point among Trumpists and some non-Trumpist conservatives that Stacey Abrams never conceded the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial race. He tweeted this with an image of Abrams’ remarks, in which she literally said, “I cannot concede.”

Wittes has been getting dunked on all day for such a stupid take, and now he thinks it would be interesting to find out how many bots were involved. Some of the response to his tweet “is a bit on the coordinated and inauthentic side of things.”

Yep, “I cannot concede,” still there.

That’s it … it’s Russian bots sent by Putin to discredit him.


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