It was December 4 when a group of between 150 and 200 masked members of the right-wing group “Patriot Front” piled out of U-Hauls in matching khakis and blue tops and marched on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. There’s was a lot of disgust on Twitter from journalists, but none of them seemed interested in covering it and the whole thing blew over the following day. There was no follow-up on any of the networks … you’d think over a hundred white supremacists carrying makeshift shields would be of interest, seeing as they’ve been repeatedly named the number one domestic terror threat in the nation.

Brendan Gutenschwager was at the scene of the March for Life in Chicago Saturday and spotted a group of about 50 Patriot Front members appear from somewhere and join in on the march, back in their khakis and carrying those shields (and flags).

Patriot Front may be real, but just like last time, people couldn’t help but believe those khakis were issued by the FBI.

The media isn’t there … it’s a pro-life march.

But seriously folks, they appear to be an actual group with a website and everything. What’s the chance they’ll get to put those shields and shin guards to use against counter-demonstrators?

* * *


Taped-over license plates?

So CNN can track down a grandmother who shared a post on Facebook and confront her in her driveway, but no one from the media can question these guys?