We’ve done posts like this one before. During President Obama’s administration, the National Park Service found park ranger uniforms looked kind of like law enforcement uniforms and deducted that the vehicles and uniforms were scaring away minorities. In July of 2020, ABC News did a feature on the “existential crisis over race” facing National Parks, which remain “stubbornly white,” even though statistics showed that the makeup of visitors to National Parks almost perfectly mirrors the racial makeup of the country. Advocates for minorities enjoying the outdoors told ABC News they hoped George Floyd’s death brought attention “to systemic racism in the outdoors as well as other parts of society.”

A month later, the Los Angeles Times nailed down what it is that keeps minorities from camping: the high cost of entry. Camping equipment is so expensive, only whites can afford it apparently. The same goes for mountain climbing, we’re now being told.

Natalie Swaby writes for King 5’s “Facing Race”:

Diversity experts say the lack of diversity in outdoor recreation is another example of how systemic racism plays out in our society. Outdoor recreation has traditionally been a predominantly white space, and many adventure sports take money and time that not all people of color have had the luxury to invest in.

“The equipment is expensive. Permits can be expensive,” said [Sophia] Danenberg.

Danenberg says it cost her more than $34,000 when she climbed Mount Everest, and when she made history making it to the summit, it didn’t even make the headlines of her hometown paper in Connecticut.

“The fact that my local newspaper in Hartford wasn’t interested meant that, like, it didn’t really get out,” said Danenberg.

Washington State is out to do something about it. “Danenberg breaking barriers is something that caught the attention of Charlotte Guard, the program director at Northwest Avalanche Center,” reports Swaby. “After the murder of George Floyd as leaders in the outdoor community, they realized they had work to do, including issuing a statement about their dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

So they issued a statement?

The Democrats’ spending bill already included billions of dollars for “tree equity”; will there be a government grant set up for people of color who want to buy mountain climbing equipment?