We can’t confirm this, but it comes from Jon Nicosia, former managing editor of Mediaite, so we have no doubt he has contacts in the media industry. Also, it really hasn’t been that long since MSNBC moved Joy Reid from her weekend show to prime-time — it may seem that way, but she’s still the new kid on the block in the lineup.

Oh, the ratings … we thought he said “rantings.”

No way! Less than truthful about past incidents? That should have been enough to get her kicked out of her weekend slot, but instead they promoted her. They knew what they were getting.

Again, we can’t confirm this, but we wouldn’t doubt it, either. Rachel Maddow is the only prime-time host on MSNBC who even draws an audience.

We remember a while back when MSNBC purged a lot of black hosts including Touré.

She’s too crazy for “The View.”

We’d lose a good source for posts, too. Again, we can’t confirm, but it doesn’t sound the least bit implausible.