The Washington Post’s Jason Rezaian kicked off Insurrection Week with a piece arguing that “we don’t talk enough about the trauma many journalists endure.” Rezaian actually said that journalists “never want to eclipse” the subjects of the stories they’re writing about, which should be news to all of the Jim Acostas out there who continually make themselves the subject of their reports.

We were reminded of a piece VICE did on the six-month anniversary of January 6 on the trauma experienced by journalists who were there, and how many had PTSD or were in therapy.

CNN anchor Kasie Hunt knows that Thursday is going to be a tough one for journalists who were there or who had loved ones in the Capitol.

We’re sure we’ll get retrospectives from all the journalists on how they felt watching the riots play out. Will the name Ashli Babbitt even be mentioned on the news tomorrow? Place your bets now.