We do wish we had more context around this video; there are activists protesting New York City’s vaccine passport rules and getting arrested on purpose. This doesn’t seem to be that kind of situation, though, especially with a little boy involved. As you know, you’re not allowed to sit down at a restaurant in New York City if you can’t show proof of vaccination, and it’s left to the police to enforce it. We suppose it’s nice they gave the offenders the right to leave peacefully before they were arrested for trespassing.

Sometimes it’s really hard to back the blue. Rioters in 2020 were treated better.

And it was during a discussion of New Year’s Eve in Times Square that Dr. Leana Wen let loose on CNN that “cloth masks are little more than facial decoration.”

Especially knowing that that President Biden was wrong and the vaccinated can still spread the virus.

We really hope we’re getting this wrong. Some people are pointing out that the family must have known the rules before entering the establishment, and they knew they were breaking the rules. That’s still a lot of cops to escort a family out of a restaurant.


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