Vice President Kamala Harris sat down with an interview with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan that will air Sunday on “Face the Nation.” CBS News has posted some clips from the interview on its website, and we now know what national security challenge keeps Harris up at night, and she can talk about this one because it’s not classified. It’s our democracy.

We can sort of understand her concern, what with the Democrats wanting to kill the filibuster to federalize elections, pack the Supreme Court, and eliminate the Electoral College. We’re sure there are other things we’ve forgotten, but that’s a start.

Yeah, this isn’t the first time she’s dodged a question by claiming the information was classified.

They say “our democracy” because that justifies anything they want to do — it’s all in the name of saving our democracy … which is pathetic seeing how the Democrats control the White House, the House, and half the Senate (with Harris as tie-breaker). You’d think democracy would be in good hands, but apparently the Proud Boys or whatever keep her up at night.


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