We looked through the TODAY Show’s story to find out how old Clark (formerly Claire) is, and it mentions both getting ready for preschool and Clark introducing their new nonbinary identity in front of the kindergarten classroom (and asking to use the gender-neutral restroom).

The TODAY Show shares Jennifer Chen’s nervous reaction to sending out their holiday card with the announcement that Claire was now Clark and preferred they/them/he pronouns.

You know that saying: When someone says their cat’s vegan, you know who’s making the decisions in that relationship. Chen recalls the transformation of Claire into Clark:

Our family’s transition started with the most mundane dilemma — a pile of dirty laundry. It was a summer morning. We forgot to wash the kids’ clothes and it was time to go to preschool. Clark threw a fit that there were only skirts in their dresser while their twin, Chloe, was fully dressed. My husband and I cajoled Clark (then Claire) to “just get dressed.” After crying, Clark finally said, “I don’t feel like me in skirts.” It was the moment I realized that how we reacted would forever be cemented in my child’s mind. I dug a pair of shorts out of the laundry hamper, did a sniff test, and handed them over. Clark’s tears dried. Their smile appeared. I knelt down to my sweet child. “Do you want me to get rid of your skirts and dresses?” They nodded.

By bedtime, mom was already reading “It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity” to Clark.

Mom certainly seemed excited to get those Facebook likes.