They’re still doing this, huh? It’s a different press secretary, but the same message. One month ago today, Jen Psaki tweeted that Republicans are “rooting for inflation.” This seems to have stemmed from an interview with Sen. Rick Scott, who told a reporter that inflation continuing to rise under the Biden administration was “a gold mine to us,” and speaking in terms of the 2022 midterms, he’s right. He wasn’t rooting for inflation, just thanking the Democrats for doing nothing about it and handing the GOP the issue on a silver platter. Plus, it assumes that Biden isn’t absolutely full of it when he says passing the multi-trillion-dollar Build Back Better bill will bring down inflation.

Deputy White House Press Secretary must have been reading off of Psaki’s notes in that book she’s constantly referring to because she told reporters Thursday that Republicans are not only “explicitly rooting for inflation to get worse,” they’re also “actively trying to hurt the pandemic response.”

We notice she did stumble over the word “inflation” quite a bit — she’s certainly practiced it enough.

This is as convincing then they tried to convince us that Republicans were the ones who wanted to defund the police.


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