Twitter is on fire now with retweets of hot takes from Democratic politicians and celebrities and social justice warriors about the horrific, homophobic and racist hate crime that was perpetrated against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. We’re having fun with all these old tweets (which are all still up), but we shouldn’t be having too much fun: Ja’han Jones writes for Joy Reid’s The ReidOut blog that there are some things conservatives should realize before relishing the guilty verdict against this fraudster.

OK, we give. What? Jones writes:

Nonetheless, the strange, seemingly ever-changing details in the case have provided nearly three years’ worth of material for comedians and online commentators. Some of it has been quite funny, in fact.

Even more comical, in my view, was the predictable conservative outrage over Smollett’s allegations. Conservatives took to social media in 2019 to express outrage over the dropped charges. How dare someone make such a heinous claim about followers of their dear leader, they screeched. Violent, masked white guys who shout Trump slogans and use chemical agents to attack victims?

Many on the right shamed those of us who knew such a claim was totally plausible — and then the Jan. 6 insurrection happened.

That’s it. That’s how it ends.

Well said.

Now to check in with MSNBC and see if Reid is covering this story at all.