As Twitchy reported earlier this week, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced a lawsuit against the state of Texas over its redistricting plans, curiously showing no sign of concern of gerrymandering in blue states like Illinois. Word got to Joy Reid at MSNBC, whose guest panelist Jason Johnson claimed that redistricting in Texas looked like “a ‘Dexter’ blood splatter” and called it an emergency, suggesting the Biden administration should engage in a federal takeover of elections in Texas.

Johnson went so far as to bring up Brown vs. Board of Education and integration, reminding MSNBC viewers that “they sent troops” to ensure it happened.

Rudy Takala provides a transcript of some of the exchange:

“This administration can say we have concerns about how elections are being conducted in this particular state. We’re going to send officials down there. We’re going to send election observers. If we think people’s civil rights are being violated, we’ll do a federal takeover. I know lots of people are going to scream about this. The right-wingers are going to scream. This is what the federal government is supposed to do. If states are violating people’s civil rights, you’re supposed to step in.”

How are you going to do a “federal takeover” by sending election observers? Sounds like the Left wants the troops involved.

We remember when they called the National Guard President Trump’s “stormtroopers” during the 2020 riots, but now they envision sending troops to Texas to take over elections.