There’s a lot of speculation about Roe v. Wade being overturned, and as usual, California is first in line to declare itself a sanctuary state — this time, a sanctuary state for abortion. The Associated Press is reporting that California has unveiled a plan to provide abortions for “pregnant people” from other states where the procedure is banned, with talk of the state paying for not only the abortion, but also for travel and lodging as well.

Adam Beam reports:

With more than two dozen states poised to ban abortion if the U.S. Supreme Court gives them the OK next year, California clinics and their allies in the state Legislature on Wednesday revealed a plan to make the state a “sanctuary” for those seeking reproductive care, including possibly paying for travel, lodging and procedures for people from other states.

The California Future of Abortion Council, made up of more than 40 abortion providers and advocacy groups, released a list of 45 recommendations for the state to consider if the high court overturns Roe v. Wade — the 48-year-old decision that forbids states from outlawing abortion.

Just the fact that there’s a California Future of Abortion Council is distasteful enough, but there’s probably no way California won’t make this happen on the slim chance that Roe is overturned.

Ben Shapiro really isn’t kidding; he took his company and got out, like so many others are doing.

A lot of people in the comments are offering to donate to a fund to make this happen.

Oh, it turns out I’m not pregnant? Never mind then.