As Twitchy reported, CNN terminated Chris Cuomo effective immediately on Saturday after additional information came to light during a law firmโ€™s investigation. Now the New York Post has sources saying that Cuomo is lawyering up and getting ready to sue CNN for at least $18 million to cover the remainder of his contract.

Emily Smith and Bruce Golding report:

Fired CNN host Chris Cuomo is set to sue the network if it balks at paying him at least $18 million to cover whatโ€™s left on his contract, sources told The Post on Monday.

Cuomo, 51, has hired lawyers and is preparing to file the lawsuit over the remainder of the four-year contract he signed last year โ€” after a bitter back-and-forth about what the network knew of his secret efforts to aid his embattled brother, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo, said sources familiar with the matter.

His contract was reportedly worth $6 million annually, leaving between $18 million and $20 million that he would be owed, sources said, adding that Chris Cuomo would also likely seek damages.

Another source says that CNN has a standard morality clause in its contracts that allows for immediate termination.


Weโ€™ve popped the popcorn, but weโ€™d rather see Kyle Rittenhouse become a co-owner along with Nick Sandmann first.


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