These protesters are triply mad: they’re mad at Donald Trump for making contracts with ICE “to terrorize immigrants,” they’re mad at President Joe Biden, who had promised to cancel the contracts but hasn’t, and they’re mad at DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for not doing anything about it.

They should take their complaint to the White House — the guy they want to talk to is there — but instead, they’re piling up copies of the contracts on the front steps of Mayorkas’ home.

Unlike Pete Buttigieg, Mayorkas is probably at work.

Check out the Secret Service (is that the Secret Service?) knocking down their little tower of cardboard boxes.

Damn right it’s the Biden administration. (By the way, would like to see video of those “tackles.”)

Cold, but on point.

First Biden has his Border Patrol on horseback whipping migrants, and then he has ICE terrorize illegal immigrants. Why did you vote for this guy?