Considering the attention it got from some high-profile people — Sen. Cory Booker and the current vice president both called it a “modern-day lynching” — there really ought to be more media coverage of the Jussie Smollett trial. Smollett is on defense, and as we’ve reported, it hasn’t been going well for him. The brothers he allegedly paid to beat him up and yell, “This is MAGA country” have testified that that’s exactly what happened, but now the defense attorney, Tamara Walker, is going through texts by the Osundairo brothers trying to prove they’re homophobic — one used the slurs “fruit” and “gaylord.”

Things got ugly when Judge James Linn accused Walker of getting into something “collateral.”

Not just snarling faces …

It sounds like the defense has a solid case.

So far it seems Smollett’s story is that the Osundairo brothers were sophisticated criminals and also homophobes — so at least the white, MAGA-hat-wearing Trump supporters story is off the table.