We think we’re going to start to refer to David Hogg exclusively as Harvard’s David Hogg because they admitted the guy so they own him. It’s a stark relief from the protests going on outside the Supreme Court today that a leftist cares about the lives of children, but Hogg is adamant that the filibuster, which Democrats used 327 times in 2020 alone, is killing our children. And the planet.

If Hogg should be mad at anyone, it’s Barack Obama, who as a senator made a passionate defense of the filibuster, video of which can be found at the link.


The filibuster sounds way more dangerous than guns — it’s good that Hogg’s got his priorities in order.

Which will be soon.

Yeah, he totally showed the MyPillow guy.

We’ll give him points for saying “republic” instead of “democracy,” but he still fails. He is dumb enough to be a Democratic senator, though.