“Science icon” Bill Nye — who is not a scientist — was a regular fixture at the White House during the Obama administration, doing things like grading kids’ science projects. Now he’s back with “Amtrak Joe” Biden to tell us how awesome the infrastructure bill is going to be for the country. And he’s doing it on TikTok, ’cause that’s hip with the young people.

We can’t figure out why the two seem green-screened when zoomed out but live in front of the White House close up. We know this White House and this president are comfortable working on sets. What’s with this? Who is it for?

And neither one is wearing a mask but they do an elbow-bump at the end?

By the way, this was posted by the deputy director of the White House’s office of digital strategy, so be nice in the comments, ’cause he probably worked on it personally.

They already tried sending out Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, but he’s a big dud who says things like people will never have to worry about the price of gas again once everyone has an electric car.

Pretty desperate.