It was back in February when former Andrew Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan shared some disturbing, detailed allegations of sexual harassment in a post on Medium, with screenshots to back up her claims. Cuomo’s camp responded by denying the allegations outright, even going so far as to release fight logs to prove she and Cuomo were never alone on a plane together — something she’d never claimed when she brought up the time he allegedly suggested they play strip poker.

As Twitchy reported Monday night, CNN released a statement which Brian Stelter posted to Twitter, just as @neontaster had predicted an hour before; Stelter gets to post the release to say he covered the story. We also reported that Stelter reminded CNN viewers that Chris Cuomo had addressed his role in assisting his brother with the sexual harassment allegations already:

Consider Boylan unimpressed with Stelter’s coverage of his own network:

There’s no question that everyone at CNN knows what Chris Cuomo did, but they’re reportedly waiting for “additional clarity” before doing anything.


What has CNN done to prove otherwise?