Congratulations to the Texas Tribune for getting the word “seized” into their tweet, with politicians in Texas “seizing” on a sexually graphic book to apparently whip white parents into a frenzy over what sorts of materials their children are exposed to in school. We’d ask 1) what’s the reason for specifying the race of the parents and 2) is that statement even true? Do parents of students of color (minus Asian) care what their kids are exposed to?

“How a young-adult oral sex scene touched off Texas’ latest culture war.” As we noted the other day, AFT president Randi Weingarten seemed to think it was an attack on LGBTQ stories, as she conveniently didn’t mention the sexually explicit passages. One white mom “didn’t read the book, but what she saw — a few pages of explicit illustrations depicting oral sex — was disturbing to her.” So it’s just a few pages of explicit illustrations.

We skimmed through the very long piece to find the evidence that it’s white parents causing all the ruckus, but all we found was this: “But the scrutiny over school library books, which is largely being driven by white parents, is already a nationwide political phenomenon.”

So if we’re getting this right, white parents are taking an interest in sexually explicit materials in their kids’ schools. And?


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