If it’s a Randi Weingarten tweet, you can pretty much be assured there will be a ratio and it will stand in opposition to what parents want for their kids. We’re old enough to remember when progressives were all gung-ho to ban Dr. Seuss books and cancel Dr. Seuss Day at elementary schools. Now Weingarten says that banning books is something we shouldn’t stand for, but the books she’s talking about acknowledge that LGBTQ people exist so they’re essential reading.

Weingarten is retweeting a piece from Metro Weekly, whose choice of graphic leaves out the more graphic illustrations that parents are objecting to having in school libraries. If she had the guts, she’d tweet some of those images and defend them.

Squint your eyes: We’re going to avoid the tweets that include sexually explicit illustrations of oral sex, but we’ll let this one slip through:

That’s funny; they mention that book in the article as being one that’s raising concerns among parents.

There are illustrations for that passage, FYI.

You can tell everyone is tip-toeing around the issue by putting “pornography” in quotes. Let’s just say “sexually explicit” then. And it has nothing to do with LGBTQ people. There must be some books that tell their stories without graphic illustrations of sex acts, right?


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