Just unbelievable. It’s not only how these “fact-checkers” go about checking their facts, but what they choose as worthy of a fact-check. Plenty of people joked on Twitter Thursday night that President Joe Biden had made the alleged white power symbol during his town hall on CNN with Anderson Cooper. The fact is, he did:

Perhaps forgetting how many times that accusation was thrown around as “very serious” during the Trump administration, Reuters thought it worthy of further inspection.

“Contrary to claims on social media.” Reuters writes, citing obviously serious tweets by … Tim Young and Libs of Tik Tok:

Around timestamp 14:03 he can be heard saying: “You have 55 corporations for example in the United States of America making over 40 billion dollars, don’t pay a cent, not a single little red cent.”

He made the gesture pointed out on social media when saying “don’t pay a cent.”

There is no indication his gesture was in any way connected with white power. A transcript of the event is viewable on CNN’s website


Missing context. Biden made this hand gesture while saying corporations pay “zero cents”, in response to a question about tax rates.

“Missing context” … well, what if we put it in context of Biden saying that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” or saying “you ain’t black” if you don’t support his campaign?

During the Trump administration, it literally was grounds for an immediate and lengthy investigation, like that cadet at the Army/Navy game.

Biden has said a lot of racist things in his 50 years in politics, including calling his former boss “clean” and “articulate.”

We can’t either. Tim Young obviously represents millions who were being very serious about the whole thing.

Good point: