Writer and editor Danielle Campoamor says that her 7-year-old knew that she’d had an abortion when he was 4, and it was *super* easy to explain. Here she is with a friendly reminder for anyone else who talks about abortion with their young children.

Yeah, it leaves out a lot. What does it mean for mom to be “pregnant”? Does that mean she was going to have a baby? It did when the baby was “wanted,” right? And how did the doctor help, exactly?

Liberals can never quite pin down when a “clump of cells” becomes a “baby,” but it’s simple: if you wanted to get pregnant it’s a baby, and if you didn’t want to get pregnant, it’s a clump of cells. “Want” is the key. It’s science. That simple.

We’re still stuck on why you’d tell your young children about your abortions.