You know it must be worthwhile if we’re suggesting you watch a couple of minutes of “The View.” But first, since so many people are claiming in the replies that critical race theory is only taught in law school, Christopher Rufo has compiled a bunch of books about how to integrate critical race theory into the K-12 curriculum:

“Critical Race Theory in Teacher Education: Informing Classroom Culture and Practice” doesn’t sound like a law school textbook to us. We’re not talking about teaching the theory to kids — we’re talking about the teachers being trained in CRT and integrating its tenets into the curriculum. Anyway, if you can get past Joy Behar talking about the level of parental involvement she’d be willing to accept, Condoleezza Rice makes some great points.

Well said.

People in the replies still insist that opposing CRT means opposing the teaching of slavery, Jim Crow, etc., which it does not. Parents do know what it’s about and that’s why they’re turning into “domestic terrorists” by speaking up at school board meetings.