You know that anti-critical race theory crusader Christopher Rufo has made it by the number of hit pieces written on him over the past year. Now he and other like minds are on the radar of the African American Policy Forum, whose enemy is racism, the achievement gap, and “white-washed schools” and whose agenda is “just, culturally responsive schools.”

Rufo has dug up a PowerPoint presentation titled, “What is the infrastructure behind the war on racial justice?” and he’s the featured antagonist.

“The attempt to ban teachers from discussing concepts such as ‘racism’ in our public schools recalls the fanatical purges of the McCarthy era.” And at least they don’t call 2020 the “Summer of Love” as some have; to them, the months-long riots were “our 2020 summer of racial reckoning.”


Those die-hard middle-class white parents and their school boards have as their agenda “reducing the agency of young people.” However, there are unorganized groups that can still be tapped, such as aunts, uncles, and godparents (who are inclined against), and former public school students (who are inclined towards). These represent the majority of people, we’re told. Allied forces include your public library, your local Black Lives Matter group, and your local Democratic committee.

They’re all definite must-follows on Twitter.

Those people are just “white adjacent” and aligned with white supremacist thought.

Another good sign: Their strategies to victory include a letter-writing campaign and a teach-in with local elected officials.