A lot of people have pointed out that the late Sen. John McCain was hailed as a “maverick” for bucking his party and working with the Democrats, and yet Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is … what? New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg has figured it out: Sinema is a narcissist, not a maverick.

There is a big difference, and that difference is that McCain helped out Democrats while Sinema is stalling their efforts.

Goldberg writes, citing a “Saturday Night Live” skit:

People sometimes describe the Arizona senator as a centrist, but that seems the wrong term for someone who’s been working to derail some of the most broadly popular parts of Joe Biden’s agenda, corporate tax increases and reforms to lower prescription drug prices. Instead, she’s just acting as an obstructionist, seeming to bask in the approbation of Republicans who will probably never vote for her.

A “Saturday Night Live” skit this weekend captured her absurdist approach to negotiating the reconciliation bill that contains almost the entirety of Biden’s agenda. “What do I want from this bill?” asked the actress playing Sinema. “I’ll never tell.” It sometimes seems as if what Sinema wants is for people to sit around wondering what Sinema wants.

On the other hand, “people admired McCain because they felt he embodied a consistent set of values, a straight-talking Captain America kind of patriotism.” Yes, that’s what we Republicans think of when we think of John McCain.

Maybe she knows enough math to know a $3.5 trillion spending bill doesn’t cost zero dollars.