OK, it’s our third Kirsten Powers post today, but she’s competing with President Biden with who has the worse take on activists following Sen. Kyrsten Sinema into an ASU restroom and filming her (and other students). As we reported earlier, Powers seemed to side with the activists:

In other words, it wasn’t that bad. Norms are back, people.

Bethany Mandel, like many of us, couldn’t believe it:

Powers decided to double-down on what Sinema should have done if she didn’t want to be followed into the bathroom and confronted:

This is not a trick question.

We really, honestly believe they put something in the water at CNN that converts everyone to the CNN hive mind.

If your cause is just, it’s OK.

She’s so passionate about it she posted it twice.

* * *


Dear Lord, she just won’t stop digging. Now she wants you to read her book on the path forward from our toxic culture: