When he was a White House correspondent, CNN’s Jim Acosta was absolutely insufferable. Now that he has his own weekend show on CNN, he’s even more insufferable than previously thought imaginable. He comes up with clever lines about getting vaccinated like, “Don’t own the libs … own the lives.”

Acosta’s point here obviously is that he thinks Fox News’ on-air hosts who’ve opposed vaccine mandates are also anti-vaxxers, and they’re testing their own “replacement theory” by killing off their viewers. However, check out this hypocrisy: a photo from the Fox News offices in Washington, D.C., where there’s an indoor mask mandate, shows Fox employees wearing masks. Also, some 90 percent of Fox News employees have been vaccinated. So why is Fox News peddling so much vaccine misinformation?

Listen to the following as far as you can.

We love how Fox News viewers are the “far-right.”

What a douchebag.

It really isn’t.

He’s become even more preachy than Matthew Dowd, which is something.

Why isn’t he wearing a mask on camera to encourage his viewers to do the same? He could be setting an example, yet he chooses not to.