We read The Hill’s article about Vice President Kamala Harris being a major player in the midterm elections because we wanted to know exactly which Democrats thought that was the case. The piece cites a Democratic pollster, an unnamed ally, and a White House official.

The Hill reports:

“She is very popular with the base. She is particularly strong with women and with young people. Turn out for young people is going to be critical for the midterms and it is uncertain,” said Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster who advised President Biden’s campaign. “Between turnout and swing independent women, I would think she would be quite aggressive because of her own appeal and popularity.”

The vice president can also use the midterms to boost her own brand, given questions around whether Biden will seek a second term as he says he intends to do.

“She is very popular with the base,” according to a pollster who apparently doesn’t pay attention to polls.

Yes, please.

Republicans are going to sweep the House in 2022.