If you spend any time on Twitter, you know that the people who used to refer to “45” or “tRump” are now referring to the previous president as “TFG” — the former guy. And we’re still hearing a lot about the former guy from the present guy, who spoke to the press Friday about how the coronavirus is a pandemic of the unvaccinated.

One reporter brought up a couple of Biden’s spectacular failures, and while he said his economic plan is “overwhelmingly” popular with the American people, he also noted that he inherited no vaccination plan from the former guy. He has a lot on his plate but he’s not complaining — although it certainly sounds like he’s complaining. Those who thought Donald Trump didn’t take criticism well should take a close look at Biden.

He promised to shut down the virus, for one.

He’s not complaining, it’s just that he inherited no plan from the former guy.