As Twitchy reported, former President George W. Bush spoke Saturday at the 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York City, and he dedicated part of his speech to violent extremists here at home that are making themselves more apparent. Apparently, his segue was that the tools built to be used in the global war on terror could be used to fight these domestic terrorists, and indeed, after January 6, we heard a few hot takes that the government could use some of the lessons learned from fighting al-Qaeda to track down those grandmothers found guilty of illegally parading in a capital building.

Not surprisingly, Rep. Liz Cheney thought it was a great speech.

Bush didn’t mention January 6, but a lot of people certainly inferred that’s what he was talking about when he mentioned “defiling national symbols.” Occupy Democrats certainly took that away and urged followers to retweet if they agreed with Bush:

Occupy Democrats are suddenly big fans of Bush, but it always happens that way — the most recent Republican in power always makes the preceding ones more palatable to the liberals who called them Hitler.