As Twitchy reported, Rolling Stone picked up on a story that hospitals in Oklahoma were so overwhelmed with patients who’d overdosed on ivermectin to treat COVID-19 that gunshot victims were being made to wait for treatment. Drew Holden did a fantastic thread naming and shaming all of those who ran with the bogus story, debunked by the hospital itself, who said the doctor quoted in the story hadn’t worked there for months.

Among those picking up the story were Rachel Maddow, Business Insider, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, Newsweek, the New York Daily News, the Daily Kos, The Hill, and more. One staple of Holden’s threads was absent, though, but Glenn Greenwald managed to catch MSNBC’s Joy Reid making the claim on her primetime MSNBC show.

That would require a news crew on the ground in Oklahoma, and that’s not going to happen — not if they can’t even make a phone call.

Is he referring to the 70 percent — no, wait, 2 percent — of calls to Mississippi’s Poison Control Center about ivermectin?

We’re certain Reid will correct the record on her next show.