As Twitchy reported earlier, the Associated Press made quite the correction. Initially, the AP reported that 70 percent of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were from people who had ingested ivermectin to try to treat COVID-19. The AP later corrected its piece, noting that the actual percentage was 2 percent, not 70.

As we reported, CNN’s Jim Acosta had Dr. Anthony Fauci on over the weekend to explain that “one of the enemies of public health is disinformation,” over a chyron saying that podcaster Joe Rogan had taken a widely discredited livestock drug to treat COVID. CNN is dedicated to stamping out misinformation about COVID-19.

It’s funny, then, that CNN’s Brian Stelter retweeted a claim that it’s not media bias that makes the AP report such a wildly incorrect number; it’s the hollowing out of newsrooms. They just don’t have the staff anymore to fact-check what they publish.

Here’s the retweet:

So it’s not media bias, even though the errors and mistakes always seem to go one direction — it’s the poor understaffed newsrooms who don’t have copy editors to catch these blatant mistakes that should set off alarm bells.