What a week for USA Today. Fact-checker Daniel Funke said it was “misleading” to say that President Biden checked his watch at the dignified transfer ceremony for 13 U.S. service members killed in the attack in Kabul, Afghanistan. A correction was added to the fact-check saying that Biden indeed had checked his watch several times, changing USA Today’s rating from “partly false” to “missing context.”

Funke was not the one who wrote up this fact-check this week, but he did tweet it.

Wouldn’t it be a fact-check to say either yes or no, military service dogs were left in Kabul? Because “the Pentagon says there weren’t” doesn’t really sound like a fact-check.

This fact-check was specific to that one photo of dogs in carriers pictured in front of U.S. helicopters. The Pentagon said those weren’t American service dogs. We’d fact-checked this earlier this week:

Funke has a thing about limiting replies to his tweets.

USA Today reports:

Meanwhile, on social media, users shared an image of dogs in cages in front of a helicopter, alongside captions suggesting the animals pictured were abandoned by the U.S.

“Picture of service dogs left in Afghanistan,” reads an Aug. 30 Facebook photo with more than 1,000 shares. “Left at the airport. Our government sucks.”

Our government sucks. Fact-check: True.