The media must be so relieved to have the Afghanistan debacle behind them and that they’re back in their more comfortable space of warning of “The Handmaid’s Tale” coming to be in the United States. Texas’ heartbeat bill has made millions of Americans lose their minds, and they’re not being quiet about it.

As Twitchy reported, a lot of liberals are furious at “old dead white bitch” Ruth Bader Ginsburg for not retiring while a Democrat was president, because that’s brought us a “conservative” Supreme Court. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes says that was the pact millions of Americans made in 2016: vote for Donald Trump “and all the malevolence you know he will bring” and he’ll hand over the Supreme Court to conservatives.

We can’t even take anyone seriously who considers what happened on January 6 an “insurrection.”

True story.

All of it — the Russian collusion, the COVID-19 pandemic, the “insurrection” — all of it was leading up to Texas saying you need to decide within the first six weeks of your pregnancy if you’re going to have the abortion or not.

And it’s pretty much guaranteed a case will come before the Supreme Court and they’ll overturn Texas’ law anyway. Calm down.