As Twitchy reported early this month, President Biden said that he’d consulted with legal scholars about extending the eviction moratorium and the bulk of them informed him it would be unconstitutional. He managed to find a couple sympathetic with his views, thought, and decided to go ahead and extend it anyway so that more money could go out while the moratorium worked its way through the courts.

“President Biden shows he’s ready to make drastic moves in the Covid-19 fight — even if he’s not sure they’re legal,” reported CNN. And the Washington Post even admitted that Biden’s defense was, “Maybe it’s illegal, but it’s worth it.”

It’s still not legal, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, anxious to talk about anything but Afghanistan, said that Attorney General Merrick Garland had called on the entire legal community to take action to prevent any “unnecessary” evictions during this health crisis.

In other words, there are plenty in the legal community willing to step up to support something that’s illegal. Maybe Congress should have passed a law or something.

But law students are still being enlisted to represent renters who aren’t paying rent.


Biden just has so many disasters to juggle he needs Psaki and Garland to help sort them out.