That video of President Biden catching a power nap during his meeting with Israel’s prime minister has taken off on social media today, but CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale doesn’t rest on weekends and has already fact-checked the claim, explaining that it’s “nonsense” that Biden fell asleep.

The thing is, the video wouldn’t have gone viral if Biden hadn’t done whatever he was doing. Dale says the full video tells the story, but we posted the full video in our earlier piece on this, and it shows Biden blanking out or something for a full 30 seconds with the prime minister is talking.

We also noted that Biden was fidgeting with his hands … toward the very end of the 30-second mediation session.

Check these excuses for Biden’s odd behavior, which go against Dale’s claim:

So someone paused their DVR while Biden had his head down to make it look like he was sleeping, or at least totally unresponsive to what the prime minister was saying. Maybe it’s just us, but isn’t it customary to look at someone when you’re having a conversation with them?

Let’s go with Dale’s fact-check. Biden wasn’t asleep … it only appeared to countless people that he nodded off for a bit because that’s exactly what it looked like.